Saturday, December 25, 2010

DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA -- is it true ???..

Certain things can’t be exasperated,
Taking it as just mumbles;
Can’t let, we into such reverberated,
By grunching inside, piercing into grumbles.

Eleven lettered word, diffident miracle for policy makers;
Prompting for solutions, digging ground for future creators;
Altruism gets invisible, patriotism gone away from learning;
Yes Development is the word, we Indians were yearning.

Finding matters, doing inventions, still something missing;
Encroaching luxurious status, none synchronizing;
Means for a layman, we are not achieving;
Issues are still wiping, like dead bodies are burning.

Possessing richest resources, under-mining our esteem;
What lest to happen, when no one fulfill dreams;
‘Education Policies’ for ‘Rich’, ‘Mid-Day Meal’ for ‘Poor’;
What Development we can hope, when ‘Alma-meter’ itself roars.

Days are gone, when people are healthy;
Looking young than ages, minds flourish to sky;
Occasionally- Turks’ get blunt down, brains throwing crabby;
Is Development happens actually, then – why to get food, we cry?

Administration gets bound, legal matters are cloaked;
‘Merger Acquisitions’ get going, where we get blocked;
Development in ‘Corruption’ merely is the spy.

Couching it inside, somehow we get mocked;
Pushing young eager minds, to fake morality;
That would be the reason, after calculating totality.

Concerning ‘Vision 2020’, and for ‘Almighty strength’;
“Youth”, would be enticed for stretching developmental length……..!!

Composed By: UMESH BAWA, B.COM 3rd, Session (2010 – 11)
This composition was Awarded 3rd Prize in Zonal Youth Festival held at SCD College.

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