Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Most people see the world as a threatening place, and, because they do, the world turns out indeed, to be threatening place

Most of times we heard of things like thinking positively, pointing towards thoughts those aims to float physical mechanism, right on bulls eye for getting things done comprehensively & consequentially for better solutions in our every work. Bringing Positivity in regular quotations is something to be substantially get pondered always in our head.

Recently I’ve read a book named as "The Secret" composed with the help of 24 renowned philosophical think tank of the world with the awesome arrangements top their exquisite thoughts by Rhonda Byrne (Don’t worry I’m not trying to publicized it, I’ vent earned any kind of royalty in this respect, I can’t help myself to keep the anonymity).

It mentioned that Positive thinking is just like a frequency transmitted from our emotions to universal satellite and from which it directly visualize all videos and pictures in our life, similar to the frequency it has receive from our thinking and emotional sentiments. Hence, there is a need to once again look at whether we are yelling out on exciting process of thinking. You would be surprised when you opt to live like positively anything else in life. There is nothing like demise, sadness, downfall, ruin etc. in anyone’s life, these are all concerned, or I can say, actually our own belief in all these. Negative approach somewhere will proved to be bad one, which brought situation of life in form of worries, anxieties, anguish, fear, apprehensions etc. To be brief in my explanation, through this inscription I would like to recommend all of my readers to please just resurrect the way of thinking only; finally you all would find yourselves in an amazing & astounding world. Before reading this book I was like a guy having nothing in his pocket. But now post read & implementing period, it is really working quite extraordinarily in my view points. I was quite cynical at my decisive trials, but logicians of the books have afforded me to pave me with art & universal way of living expeditiously with their long experience in teaching about this ever lasting impact of positivity. I thoroughly use to panic while doing stuff confidently, but now these days I’m extremely enjoying the realistic path of extant with factual truth of living.

One thing I’ve also learned is that there is nothing like god like power in this world. The thing which controls our life is our truthful and positive emotions towards our family members, friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbor, society etc. If somewhere anything like god is subsisting in this wondering place, then there will be no Tsunami, no 9/11, no 26/11, no Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba etc. Positive thinking helps in broking unexpected consequences in daily materialistic matters of human life. Meditation is the way of achieving the peace of mind, but I think it is the promised way to controlling our emotions and sentiments or adding obstructions to the turbulent times and sent them to a long course of pissing. For successful positive thinking sessions we need controlled and restrained turn up to our mind, and the same can be possible only by mediation by some of its vowing techniques. In the end of an efficacious assembling of constructive thinking the aftermaths were cleared out above exhaustively. Through meditation, we can only load up to gather massive amount of positivity in out broad based learning and thinking cycle, thus influencing our decisions and accurately hit focusing on middle point with bulls’ eye. This is quite clear by above statement that there is nothing like god in this world universe, it is only our positivity, which meager the whole world with its tight ties and loosely strengthened fundamentals.

Also our regular commotions were not tends to decrease at any amount or these were grabbing our whole attentions all the day and never tends to delay its transactions with evil testaments. Logic behind this suffering is the ‘chain accumulation’ of grieves, those we have welcomed with our own conclusive efforts. When these demising facts become part of our live, then we thought of enduring with snugged and rigid bounding. Whole terminatory things worked out in manner of accumulated chain as like that: When anyone falls into some negative or adverse thoughts, repercussions will automatically follow him for his deleterious work in regard to any matter. Matter, for which he surrendered his thinking, will be faulted in middle of way or it can be spoiled by the person with his own verse of statements postured/transmitted to universe for its reactive answer in a same form. Cascading effect arouse in mind of person after receipt of result to any matter will further give birth to another pessimistic declarations and decisions, or in this way cause a lot of chaos in finding a right path of success and growth in the same manner for every single human being in this world. Therefore, negativity is the major issue to be solved before every issues of our life. By mitigating it from major chunk of our thinking process, everything will be automatically solved henceforth...

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