Sunday, March 27, 2011


Recently, I got crowded inside abdomen with insulation of two bottles of extraa strong kingfisher and has also puffed couple of spliffs (Malboro king size). This has made me realised that who am I to hold this respectable and honest trance like situation? Isn’t I’m a wrong person to acquire such an awesome feel of life? There is nothing that somebody would prohibit me from having wonderful time with life. I think the sheer urge of your life and its dreams always decide how much you got dizzy. I think life is all about living unconditionally. It simply goes like that; we don’t need to put hindrances to desires and dreams. Basically, having a dreamy life is like building castles in the sky. It is something giving nourishment to scrawny state of our existence here on this faulty place. So being dreaming about something very special cost someone nothing, instead it gives a new way to live life. Lumps of desire and dream were the only way to happiness and this would be the indirect un-anonymity to the fact about Life. Years of living behind dark curtains of being a human body, practices only the process of respiration and in fact causing nothing to it. Bringing commotions for yourself and for the persons connected with your commands. So lets be the part of the club of real owner of original happiness. So for this, we need to learn the art of gratification. Which come out only with unconditional plausibility’s of our daily life activities.

By unconditional, I mean that everybody should follow the command of their own God. Now some of you went to wonder about what the hell is this own God. I think the person who is always used to advocate you with great deal of noise and exhorts you for some pleasurable moments of life is somebody called your well wisher and explicably known as your own God. And everything outside in this shit planet and in the fucking universe is a best exemplification of falsified non-existence of unrespectable piece of idol. Just listen to your own God. Just shun down from get expertise in fake notion of non-existing beliefs. Only your own God, will take you to the way of salvation from this fucking hell. Be passionate about life and its certain dream projects. And also try to stay raw…
Now forget everything and enjoy this video by Eminem


  1. Dear Umesh
    Life gradually becomes exactly the way how you take it. Sometimes we think that life is like a living hell. It doesn't become hell itself. Rather we make it a living hell. We don't do anything in our life. We don't live it rather we spend it. Otherwise, life is a beautiful journey. firstly we got to find what our dreams are? Everybody has his\her own dreams and everybody should have. Dreams and desires work as a guiding light to us on the path of life. Somewhere deep inside our heart knows what our dreams are. Have courage to listen to your heart. Dreams challenge you. It initially seems very big to us. But in reality, they aren't. It's because we always think small. Start thinking big. And one of the most biggest obstacles we face when it comes to fulfill our dreams is FEAR. fear of failure. Fear when deepens into our minds starts sucking us. It prevents us from moving ahead in our life. If we really want to fulfill our dreams, we got to let this fear cleared out of our minds. Otherwise when we would reach our death bed, we would be regretting to ourselves that we could have accomplish our dreams if we really wanted to. We should not let it happen. It will miss our true calling in life.
    Anyways nice article. I liked it.
    keep writing...

  2. Thanks Pankaj,
    I have been expecting response of some people to this article, of which you are one of them.
    I'd written this article to show my angst towards fake spirituality of human being. In need to unveil passion towards dreams and desires. I'm not able to mention anything more than that, as you cleared much by first read. Thanks for feedback. I hope you'll follow my further posts. Thanks again..

  3. Rivalry is the life of trade, and the death of the trader.