Saturday, March 26, 2011


For some people the world full of uncertainties is better, rather than having a place embraced with unsurpassed features of happy life. They use to strive all the time for happiness. Trying hard all the time to explore all the elements of opportunities they got in need to bring contentment in their hard earned survival. That explains, how a social animal – a human being hues for bread and butter in his dreadful life. They all said that “we are a social waste, and we want to get rid of that.” Is there anything better than this about life? Can anyone suggest proper and pertinent belief towards their ideology? Is there anyone who can say that they are putting their life into a proper use? Is there anyone, who can proudly go for honesty to accomodate a better life? No, there is no one. I think everyone here is pulling unstretchable strings. They are pulling it hard in order to survive wished moments in this life. Also, they make it hard for every glorious moments to arrive punctually. Frankly speaking, they need to grow more, not in matters of age but of course with right part of their scalp. They need to learn more about themselves, and need not to advice others and stop jerking around. According to them, mad peoples were just grown up madly by mad thoughts and activities. But I think that their upbringing is something goes under unintentional speculative suspicion about right way of survival. In fact they should get rid all the things they are carrying along them. Instead of siphoning their think tank mind with crab of null and nudity of lunacy, they should feel something about their life.

This is not just the end of their bragness in terms of their silly & skeptical nuisance. Personalities ruled down under these commotions were popped up by the ties of their fundamentalist life and also bring down their own perspectives about claustrophobic pitch of life. In either way, they were remained un-contended of their executions, just because their way to opt for life is the possible and real indicator of their repercussioned life. This is where I think procrastination comes out for work and is known for. Plausibility of someone’s ill mentality would be the worst and weird thing about the particular person. Hence, my conclusion to this is certainly centered around bringing sensibility about one’s own life rather putting unnecessary and deliberately attempted steps of foolishness to answer and counseling someone. May be they don’t know, but finally their disastrous verdict about someone’s credibility would be in-vindicated at the end.


  1. are now in philosophy.
    good one though.

  2. Mr. Sharma,
    Thanks for insulting me by referring my name for credible philosophy. I think there is no place for me. So, i'll try my own things to produce something, which philosophy can't even think of. Keep looking for more interesting readings. Thanks again..