Wednesday, March 23, 2011


How it comes so hard in life that somebody feel like alone? Isn't it strange to have in-cooperative life at such a crucial part of growth? I think before proceeding to play, there is a need to understand the frugality of unconcerned elements of life. Behind every step of upbringing, something mild is hidden there – which enhance the enthusiasm in someone to create mishap either for itself or for someone. Somebody motivated enough with the strengthened ideas of their living, form the entire scene of their life story. But, someone with loosened pitch of life, keeps realizing that they are nothing but a wholly piece of shit. Something like that comes to lots of people strolling down on the streets with un-communicable life of a wannabe. Life to them meant nothing but a useless piece of paper, which should be crushed any time and thrown in dustbin.
Life, to them is not less than Insanity. Insanity gives them power to stay more in this fake acknowledgement of being a human being. Otherwise, sanity would have killed them innumerably with respect to their attitude towards life. Surviving here on this planet instead of insanity will be like a breathless life to them.
Now watch this video to explore the desire of mind

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