Friday, March 18, 2011

Am I Nothing ???

Everyone said I am Nothing,
Some people said I am Everything,
My Girlfriend Said,
Why do you do wild things,

Parent doesn’t like me at all,
Scold badly, I am Nothing…

Friends went grieving,
Lookin’ to me sometime,
Searchin’ love for my life,
I tellem’ ; I am Nothing…

Black is the color,
I like most,
Seems like;
I’d decided my life earlier….

I am Atheist,
Because; I don’t like your God,
And I also know;
You don’t know & like mine…

Lots of time, I ask my God,
Where you’ll take to me,
He said;
Buddy, Where you want to…

Then I ask my God,
Are you’ll always with me,
He Said: Are 'You' with 'Me'?,
I am "Speechless"……

Watch this Video and you'll really come out from all shit.

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