Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Life meant for survival, but there are two roads to this survival. One goes towards miserable, depressing moments of life. Whereas, second one goes for happy, joyful mints of life. But, who’ll decide that where do we lie in this static path. Where is the original idea of living would take. It is really as tough as it seems. Had anything fixed at its required position, put thwarts to extinction. But, firstly – indeed - it is really a need to be ponder that what would be the thing, that constitute such a huge responsibility ? Lots of people like us got it quite late. I’ve also scored a point in this regard. We used to bloom it later, sometimes quite later.
I think our ‘Desires’ & ‘Dreams’ decide that whether we want to live happily or not. Do we are seriously following the concerns of cheerful life ? Do we had noticed that either we are fit for life or not ? ‘Desires’ and ‘Dreams’, both of them are elements of scarcity in each unhappy life. Long living life can underwent guilt of neglecting happiness, if it does not constitute the real purpose of wish full desires. Lots of examples can be flourished swiftly, if based on unsuccessful life. But, there is single to ecstatic life. And, it must comprises of strong tendency to realise the dreams to which we had committed. One should dreamt of being ‘on cloud nine’.
It happens to be revolutionary step, if somebody succeed in achieving what s/he had ever dreamt of. For what his/her desires had been installed in his heart. I need to know why is so ? I mean, Is there is a basic traditional criteria for accomplishment of desiress and dreams? Is there is a special welcome song or ceremony for achievers. Are they had actually the won the universe? There is no confusion in saying that we had been come to known the truth of universe. But the problem is quite different from the mistake. So, this would simply clarify that, it has been quite tough and hard to have dreams. Seems like that we need to put our life on flame to achieve dream, to fulfill desires, to live life. What a bullshit is this. Who had puked these lines.
This should be true that Ignorance for our dreams and desiress will bring a hard set-back to life. It could un-cherished the hard realities of life. It could proven to be remorse of life. So, for a contended and blissful journey of life on this planet, please dream a lot, think of something called desires. Do not deny the massage of divine spirit. Make most of your presence on this planet. Live your life with any idea of exhilaration. This is the idea of “Supreme Power”.

Forget it.. Just Enjoy this Video buddies.

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  1. Dear Umesh
    Life is a single continuous journey with ups and downs. There are no set rules meant to govern life. And as far as happiness is concerned I think it comes from the choices we make in our life. I accept that everything is not in our hands and there are some choices which others make it for us because that is how the societies have been structured around us. But still we are responsible for our own lives. So it is pertinent to choose what we think is right for us. It may be wrong for somebody else but it should be our own decision. Right and wrong are very relative issues. And it merely depends upon our perception as an individual. So we must decide for ourselves. Also we must continue to dream because dreams keep us moving in life even at times when we don't want to. They may seem impossible to accomplish but we must not stop our efforts. Lastly the question of success is a difficult one. I consider that success is a matter of chance. If it doesn't come to you it doesn't mean that you don't deserve it. It just means that you are not lucky enough. And if you ask me I feel that success is bullshit. anyways a nice post. So continue dreaming and keep working...
    Keep writing...