Monday, April 4, 2011


Universe is full of Love. Love exists everywhere in different articulated appearances as suggested in moral and social tranquility. Love is something, which continues to spill its fragrance in garden of soulful connection. In a factual concern, love is unleashed with the presence of human being, possessing loving heart & attachments, committed to love each other till their last breath. But I think such a qualitative need of emotional technique of someone with close pitch of feelings is only a part of eternal and universal application of Love. Instead of that, every longing desire to feel something could be a general perception, not universal.

Emotional fallout for someone, look out for a place into his heart and eyes cannot be the true love. Love is beautiful feeling of life. There is no general acuity about the features of love. It can be the fondness about something. The desire of human being can be the powerful way to express love. Crashing out passion of infatuation by one soul for other soul would be the killing of zeal inside both of them. Incitement of love for nature should not be deterred by soulful connections. Crony state of love cannot be manufactured under the biased mode of sexuality.

I think that somebody doesn’t need love, even it said to be the desire and necessity of life. S/he doesn’t need love until it occurred. In simple words of understanding, Love is something which needs us. None of human being needs love, it comes automatically to him. This is the only way. When somebody is eligible for adoring part of his life only then love will cause its disorder. Ability to be get loved and love selflessly, clear out the way of fusion of irresistible harmony of life. This is the way to get a fuss into the eternal gratification of life. Only then, love will welcome the soul to get connected with universal source of happiness.

General forms of love are classified under the parameters of their relation. When two souls get connected in a relation with each other, in a need to give or to get the desired things out of that relationship, is sometime called as Love. Such close and narrow measure of human feelings is generalized under the nature of Love. But, love cannot be bind under the social and moral code of sentiments. Though, the nature of its existence is plausible to those descriptions.

Matter of fact is that, love is not the neutral way to possess emotions as being described under the moral language. At several fictions, it is portrayed with the image of getting everything from your beloved rather than giving nothing. Some illustrious depictions conceive love with giving everything to beloved it need. Whereas expressionistic love is a state of affair, where emotions and feeling is articulated in a way to get and take with mutual consensus. But, the truth of the fact denies above forms of temporary love. There is no place of such transformational process of heart under this kind of unscrupulous expression of being devoted to someone. But there is another and the only way to explore love is being in Spiritual Love. This is the real drift of love. Spiritual love is the contour of universal applicability of humanism in someone’s heart.

Under utmost feel of love, I think, love cannot be linked only with fulfilling hearty sensations. I am not fitting a command over the live and regular perspective of love. To be honest, the beauty of love is that it cannot let someone feel the pain it hold. Certainly pain would be the awkward necessity of true love. Someone had said that “Love is need & necessity of life, for which we need to cease living”. To add the best to life, in form of love, subsequently requires expiration of life.

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