Monday, August 15, 2011


When somebody enters into his dreams arena, the succession to came up with real & live pictures, together create a sense of drama in his own forte. Dreams are full of living patterns. But those, who dreams, only get the best of it. Their dreams are their own. Their own Property. Their own Treasure. Their own motivation and flow of emotions. Dreams cannot be compared. They cannot be created again and again. Once they arrived, never go back. Although, more you try, less you succeed. They'll awkwardly convince you, about their strong relationship with you. Dreamers and their Dreams cannot be fall so easily. They are not a matter of mockery.Dreams made with some sort of call, a call of fortissimo, shouldn't let you walk out the scenario. So, in such apprehension, one always look out for a kind of alimentary substance. Who'll sort out vivid things to get straight and knead them all abstruse or heterogeneous matter. In last, I just want to say that, "It was just a Dream, a moment ago, I was up so high, looked at down from the sky. They say, what goes up, must come down, but please don't let me fall."
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  1. a very convincing post this time. keep it up.
    keep dreaming...
    keep writing...

  2. Dear Mohit,
    Thanks for this applaud, but I'm not capable of even a word except the last expectation. Please, I think, I don't want any kind of praise anymore.