Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't Listen to Me, I am not Important...

Lots of Apologies for being too late at the place, where, some months before, I used to make my day as a regular routine. It'd be little ackward to hear, but I've faced some astounding shackles during the period of absence. There were some unknown things, which merged in me, such a way to destruct me in myself. As like ashes remain after a big, drastic flame. This phenomenon was newer to me, of which I didn't aware and known of. Certain things were collapsed and established in this escape. I don't know who helped me, but have prefect surety about its immense support and spirit of providing strength to its offsprings.
Well, today I just want to tell something, something I want, to you. Here's a confession. Please don't listen to me. I am not so much important, by the way. I wasn't. I 'm not. Even i won't be. But yes, It'll be too hard for me to wait for a second or line to make mention about somebody, to whom you must listen. And I couldn't bother to shut my mouth for a jiff. "Please Listen to the Voice, Listen to secrets of Air, Listen to the calling you are getting." I dragged a track online , one of my favorite to make it easy to understand what I really want to tell.
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  1. hi
    Good to see you back after a long time. i really liked the piece...esp the surprise element...keep it up...keep writing.

  2. Thanks Mohit, I'll continue to explore more as much as possible & will also look out for your contemplation on such revelation.