Thursday, August 1, 2019


YOUTUBE CHANNEL - <a href=""></a>

Hello Everyone,

I have just started a YouTube channel for my own passion towards cinema and making good films which is of my own interest apart from my regular job.

It has been my dream from last 10 years. To fulfill that dream I am trying really hard these days.

Started a YouTube channel named Onkar Films and posted 2 short films which are completely made on a low budget under my own production.One short film Mehroomi has been selected in one of the global film festival and has been with 150+ International film festivals for consideration.
Now, the projects on which I want to work require a good team and to gather that team I am facing lot of issues.
One of the big issue is that I dont  have good platform for film distribution. That is why I started You tube channel.
I am just a new in this field of working. Enthusiastic enough but lacks social contacts. Today I thought of deriving help from your side. I hope you would help me in subscribing my channel and pressing  bell icon.
Not only subscribing also watching my short films regularly just for once that would be enough.
Please Also share share my Channel link to all of your friends. Please Support   Please Share ypur WhatsApp number for more further details or WhatsApp me at +91-83609-50140


YOUTUBE CHANNEL - <a href=""></a>

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